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Quick Details

Standard Rage Room Ages 10+

Release stress in our Georgia smash room

We want to offer guests of all ages and experiences a chance to unleash! We provide quality entertainment that will leave you wanting more. We’re serious about creating a space the whole community can enjoy. Book your experience now.

All participants must sign a waiver prior to activity. All minors must have a parent present to sign their waiver.


  • 15 small items
  • 5 medium items
  • 1 large item

ADD – On Packages Available:

  • “Just a Little More”* – Comes with 10 small & 5 medium extra items to smash!
  • “Unleashed”* – Comes with 20 small & 7 medium and 2 large extra items to smash!
  • “Let that ish Go”* – Comes with 30 small, 10 medium, 3 large ad 1 XL extra items to smash!
  • “Go Big or Go Home”* – XXL items to smash

What to Wear:

  • Closed Toed Shoes (no crocs with holes allowed)
  • Comfortable Clothing